Small Companies Strategy

Discovery currently manages 2 key strategies:

  • Discovery Australian Small Companies Fund (managed against the S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index) – this strategy is offered via a pooled trust specifically created for wholesale, institutional or sophisticated investment or via a direct mandate for institutional investors
  • Small Industrials (managed against the S&P/ASX Small Industrials Accumulation Index) this strategy is available via direct mandate to institutional investors

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Australian small companies fund performance as at 31 March 2019*
Portfolio    (%)

Portfolio    (%)





Month -1.42 -0.12 -1.31
Quarter  7.28 12.59 -5.31
1 Year -5.68 5.78 -11.46
3 Years (P.A.) 3.75 11.40 -7.66
5 Years (P.A.) 3.55 7.97 -4.42
7 Years (P.A.) 4.93 4.51% +0.42
Strategy Inception (P.A.)*** 10.98 7.95 +3.03

*Performance is for the Discovery Australian Small Companies Fund, Class A Units, and is based on month end prices before tax. Performance is calculated before management fees, performance fees and excludes taxation. Performance is calculated after administration fees and fund expenses. **S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries (Top 300 ex Top 100) Accumulation Index. ***Strategy inception is the period during which the current team have managed the strategy namely, 1 January 2009 to date.

This is general information only and is not intended to provide advice to any particular investor, nor take into account an individual’s investment objectives, circumstances or needs. The value of an investment can rise and fall and past performance is not indicative of future performance. Decisions to acquire or continue to hold units in a fund should only be made after considering the information contained in a current Information Memorandum (IM). Please contact Channel Investment Management Limited on (07) 3259 7650 for further information. Applications to invest are restricted to wholesale/sophisticated investors and will only be accepted if made on an application form attached to a current IM. The Trustee of the Discovery Australian Small Companies Fund is Channel Investment Management Limited ACN 163 234 240 AFSL 439007.